Clara Donaldson, EDS, LPC

Clara Donaldson, EDS, LPC

Many of us are never taught how to prioritize our mental health, or we feel stuck when we encounter difficulties. Clara views therapy as a tool to learn more about yourself, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and gain more agency in your life. She attempts to foster a genuine, collaborative environment to investigate outdated patterns and make steps towards your goals. Clara has a strong commitment to supporting her clients and understanding the unique values and needs of each person she works with. She stresses the importance of openness, non-judgment, self-acceptance, and commitment to action, and employs mindfulness-based techniques and cognitive-behavioral strategies to help you restructure your life.

Clara is open to working with individuals, families, and couples suffering from a wide range of mental health issues. She has experience working with children and adolescents on topics such as emotion regulation, self-compassion and self-esteem, and family and interpersonal issues. She believes that therapy is an incredible opportunity that allows parents and children to grow together and begin essential discussions about mental health and well-being. It is never too early to start teaching a child how to take care of themselves mentally and emotionally. Clara combines the latest research with a compassionate and hopeful therapeutic style to help families prioritize their mental health and relationships.

 Clara received her Educational Specialist degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Loyola University Chicago. Clara also holds a degree in Violin Performance from Northwestern University, and is passionate about counseling other artists and musicians in Chicago.

Please inquire for more information about the pricing for Clara’s sessions. Clara accepts insurance or out of pocket payment for sessions.

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