Adulting: A Whole New World

Adulting: A Whole New World

The transition from high school to college is a daunting adventure, filled with anxious anticipation and a healthy dose of newfound freedom.  This is a difficult process, but it is often accompanied by safeguards: dorm-mates/roommates, cafeteria food, the built-in structure of classes–and if you’re lucky, financial assistance from your parents.  

But once you’ve completed college (or if you entered the workforce immediately) the stark reality of “making it” in the world on your own can be overwhelming.  Job interviews, taxes, student loans, grocery shopping… the list goes on. Not only are you expected to plunge directly into the workforce of 40+ hour work weeks, but you are also expected to know how to manage your time and take care of yourself.  For many emerging adults, mental health management and prevention may be the first thing to get neglected.

Engaging in mental health counseling during these stressful points of transition can help emerging adults navigate these choppy waters.  In therapy, you can learn new skills for stress and time management, and explore your newfound identity. You can also find solace in knowing that yes- being an adult is hard, but you are not alone and there are effective coping skills to assist you along your journey.

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Written by Joanna Aslanian, LPC, ATR-P