Jamie Dunlap, MA, NCC

Jamie Dunlap, MA, NCC

Each of us is a dynamic individual balancing numerous roles, values, experiences and ambitions within their life. Sometimes these dynamics clash leaving us feeling overwhelmed and conflicted with family, our partner, or ourselves. Finding a balance can feel near impossible! As your therapist, Jamie is here to listen, understand, and challenge you. She promises to stand by you as you examine your vulnerabilities, celebrate your victories, embrace your individuality, and take the leap towards the unknown, tools in hand.

Within your sessions, Jamie will apply relational-based techniques to support the growth of a mutually respectful and collaborative relationship. As you explore the experiences and roles you have held throughout your past and present, she will challenge you to reflect upon the impact of those experiences. She will guide you and your partner through revelations, grief, acceptance, reintegration, and tranquility as you utilize your newfound tools in becoming a more whole and authentic duo.

Since 2011, Jamie has served as an advocate and counselor in numerous roles within the mental health field. In 2014, she received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from University of Iowa, where she focused on neurobiology, clinical psychology, and child development. She continued her education to complete her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Roosevelt University, where she specialized in psychotherapy and trauma counseling. Jamie completed course work in complex relational trauma focusing on the mind and body connections, and clinical work with Trilogy, Inc., a Chicago-based community mental health agency, where she treated clients experiencing severe trauma-induced symptoms.

Jamie has facilitated individual and group therapy exploring women’s issues, chronic mental illness, ACT/CBT interventions for coping, and narrative therapy. Volunteer and advocacy work have always had a very special place in her personal and professional development. More recently, she volunteers with Career Transition Center of Chicago where she supports clients in pursuing satisfying and meaningful careers. Additionally, Jamie earned a certificate as a domestic violence advocate with Pillars Community Health care. In this role, she supports victims of DV through education, empowerment, and inspiration.

Please inquire for more information about the pricing for Jamie’s sessions. Jamie accepts insurance or out of pocket payment for sessions.

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