Relationship Therapy

Relationship Therapy

Romantic Relationships

Finding a romantic partner can be a challenging experience. Keeping a romantic relationship healthy can be even harder. We often idealize our partners in the beginning and overlook significant differences in values and lifestyle. Eventually, our partners’ quirky behaviors that we once thought were cute or alluring become the things that fuel fights.

There are times when trust is broken, feelings are hurt, the sexual connection is lost and the future of the relationship or marriage seems uncertain. Our relationship therapists can help you communicate with your partner more effectively, learn how to manage and de-escalate conflicts, reclaim intimacy and create the loving partnership that you want and deserve.

Family Relationships

Our family of origin is where we learn how to have relationships with others so when there is dysfunction in the family there are present day and future concerns to address. Parents, step-parents, siblings, and extended family members all have their own unique relationships and struggles. Jealousy, divorce, abandonment, expectations, religious beliefs, and money can come between family members and lead to seemingly irreparable rifts. We seek to provide therapy for the whole family and will include family members as appropriate. A skilled relationship counselor can help you to repair the damage before it’s too late.

Friend Relationships

Our friends become the family that we choose. Many of us are living in a city with little family around and rely heavily on the friendships we have cultivated throughout our lives. However, we all grow and change at different rates and friendships often feel the burden of these changes.

Friends get new jobs, new relationships, become parents, struggle with addictions, break trust, or don’t have the communication skills to have a productive conversation about a conflict. Individual therapy or therapy with your friend present can address these issues and help the friendship to grow and change in a healthy way.

Work Relationships

When conflicts arise in the workplace the whole team suffers. We spend as much time, if not more with our co-workers and work partners as we do with our friends and family. These relationships can be very intense and impact our lives both personally and professionally.

Power differentials, creative differences, and differences in work ethics and values can make a work environment a toxic place with significant consequences. We can help to resolve conflicts and facilitate conversations between coworkers and work partners in a collaborative and supportive environment.