Sexual Orientation

Sexual Orientation

Sexuality and sexual orientation are complicated matters, and can change over the course of the lifespan.  Whether you are questioning your sexual orientation, in the process of coming out to your family and friends, or processing traumatic experiences associated with your identity–mental health counseling can be a helpful tool for finding clarity and healing. 


Sexual orientation and gender identity exist on a continuum, meaning that the black and white descriptors of male or female/ gay or straight may not necessarily encapsulate this nuance. Social and cultural norms and constructs can further complicate the conceptualization of a personal sexual identity. For individuals who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community, exploring and understanding sexuality can pose unique challenges and stressors–particularly when he/she/they feels rejected or othered by family, friends, community members, or society at large.  


Living as your authentic self is a vital aspect of attaining a sense of wholeness and wellbeing. Finding a support system filled with people who are safe and accepting is an important step in this process. 


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Written by Joanna Aslanian, LPT, ATR-P

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