Young Adults

Young Adults

Young adulthood is a time of identity formation in the midst of many transitions. Many young adults are navigating new roles as they move out of adolescence and into adulthood. Oftentimes, this time is full of possibility, which comes with considerable instability. Freedom and choice are may feel exciting, yet may create anxiety.

With choice comes the need to make many decisions. Many times young adults feel fearful of what is to come or struggle with creating expectations and hopes for the future.

In young adult therapy sessions, decision making, identity, control and empowerment, and relationships are discussed at length. Our therapists will work with you to determine expectations, learn decision-making skills, and work through difficult times.

Commonly discussed issues in therapy are:

  • Managing emotions
  • Sadness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Time management
  • School concerns
  • Productivity
  • Work issues
  • Navigating transitions

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