Creative Life Counseling Services


Dealing with life changes can be an extremely challenging experience. The uncertainty of the future can elicit feelings of anxiety. Alternatively, thinking about how things were in the past can create feelings of sadness, grief, and depression. Whether you are struggling with navigating relationships, making decisions about career, exploring your own identity, or experiencing difficulties with mood stability we are here to help.

About Us

Creative Life Counseling Services is a compassionate, trustworthy, and responsive therapy practice.  With over a decade of counseling experience, Creative Life is prepared to assist you and your family in solving life’s problems and struggles. Learn more


Creative Life Counseling Services offers counseling seven days a week and has options for low-fee services. Our practice is uniquely staffed with clinicians specializing in therapy for parents, children and teens, individuals, and couples. We also offer art therapy as an option. Learn more


Check out our blog for useful tips on creating the life that you want. You can also find a list of our policies, fees, and location. Click on the cover below to buy the book that Laura co-authored!